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Full Day Workshops

2023 NEC: PV, Energy Storage and Interconnections

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM | Presented by Sean White (White House Solar) and Bill Brooks (Brooks Engineering)

This will be the first conference workshop since the release of the 2023 NEC and Bill and Sean will give you the latest. Sean participates in the first wave of NEC development and Bill takes it all the way to the NFPA, where he is the proverbial electromotive force behind NEC Code Making Panel 4 (the alternative energy panel). Sean and Bill publish a book titled PV and the NEC every 3 years.

Here are some tidbits that will get you excited:

  • How you can and why you would have a 50kW PV or Energy Storage System (ESS) on a 100A service!
  • State of UL listed Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Bidirectional EVs and the future potential
  • Emergency Shutdown for ESS (with rapid shutdown analogies)
  • UL 3741 PV Hazard Control and new ways to perform rapid shutdown
  • Article 712 DC microgrids deleted and put into Article 705
  • PV source circuit can now be called a string (it’s official)
  • NEC Articles we will cover include 690 PV Systems, 706 Energy Storage Systems, 705
    Interconnected Power Production Sources, 625 EV Power Transfer System, 750 Energy
    Management Systems and more.

Relationship to previous NEC versions: Most of the NEC stays the same and most people will not yet be using the 2023 NEC, so we will compare different NEC versions. This workshop also covers earlier NEC versions. 90% of changes are just organizational and 10% will knock your socks off!

NABCEP Technical Training

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM | Presented by Chris Fox (SPAN.IO), Jeff Nicholson (Lumin), Josh Cromer (Fortress Power), and Jeff Myles (Rolls Battery Engineering)
NABCEP Registered Training Providers present four in-depth workshops on Battery Storage and Energy Management. NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Associates will advance their professional development and earn up to 6 CEUs pre-approved to meet NABCEP recertification requirements.

*CEUs are also accepted for NABCEP PVIP Exam Applications as explained in the NABCEP Certification Handbook.

Battery Sizing Beyond Net-Metering: Rethinking Customer Wants and Needs, presented by Foretress Power
Batteries are taking over the solar industry and traditional approaches to both battery and solar design need to be discarded. Engineer, electrician, and Fortress Product Director John Cromer shares insights into battery economics and right-sizing, showcasing how modern design approaches in residential and commercial design result in new “long hanging fruit” ripe for project development. This is not product training!

Lumin Smart Panel Advanced Installation Training, presented by Lumin Smart
Learn about load management, Energy Management Systems, and how to build more capable solar and storage system installations. We will discuss various applications for Lumin technology, code implications, and installation procedures.

Designing With the SPAN Panel, presented by Span.Io
SPAN redesigned the 100 year old electrical panel to meet the needs of installers and homeowners who want to meet decarbonization goals by utilizing smart technology and energy management. This session will cover many of the core competencies of standard electrical design, while also presenting a roadmap for designers on the functions available in smart panels to help achieve electrification goals as quickly as possible through energy management. NABCEP Job Task Analysis (JTA) domains include electric loads assessment, AHJ and utility criteria, types of electrical services, power requirements of auxiliary systems, ESS sizing and performance calculations, and automated shutdown. The course follows design requirements from the 2020 NEC and is aligned to the core objectives of NABCEP PV Design Specialist and PV Installer Professional Certifications.

Energy Storage – LFP & Traditional Deep Cycle Battery Selection, Sizing, Installation & Programming, presented by Rolls Battery Engineering
This workshop will focus on selection and sizing of battery banks for off-grid & grid-connected systems. Integration and proper setup of Rolls LFP lithium models in new and existing systems, including charge programming adjustments, as well as installation, inspection and programming of charging set points for systems using traditional deep cycle models will be covered in detail.

Half-Day Workshops

Community Solar Design Fundamentals: Achieving Successful Programs Through Optimal Program Design

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Presented by Susannah Churchill (Solar Landscape)

Community solar (CS) is a proven approach that is gaining popularity in cities and counties across the country as a way to promote equitable solar deployment while also helping municipalities achieve decarbonization goals. However, as an increasing volume of CS programs proliferate state and local markets, the success rates of different programs have varied, with even the most well-intentioned programs sometimes struggling to achieve basic desired outcomes.

This workshop will educate attendees on the fundamentals of community solar (CS) program design to then prepare them for an evaluation of the community solar market landscape today. There will be a focus on identifying key elements of successful CS program design. Attendees will be supported to think critically in reviewing the successes and/or challenges of different programs, and identify how their outcomes correspond to specific program design elements and characteristics of the regulatory/legislative environment.

Energy Storage Interconnection Basics & Best Practices

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Presented by Jin Noh (CESA California Energy Storage Alliance), Zach Woogen (VGIC), and Radina Valova (IREC)

This workshop is designed to present the basics and best practices for navigating the interconnection process for energy storage in today’s energy landscape. Participants will hear from multiple experts covering interconnection issues relevant for both the transmission and distribution system processes, highlighting key considerations from a development, regulatory, and financial perspective. The workshop will highlight best practices for storage interconnection and strategies for integrating standalone, hybrid energy storage, and emerging energy storage technologies in bidirectional electric vehicles. Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of the of storage interconnection process landscape today and a ‘best practices’ toolkit for navigating their various complexities.

Evolving Markets for Standalone and Hybrid Grid-Scale Storage

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Presented by Nehal Divekar and John Fernandes of Customized Energy Solutions

This workshop is designed to give participants an overview to the state of storage market for both hybrid grid-scale and standalone storage projects. Participants will learn about core storage revenue opportunities in market and non-market products in RTOs/ISOs, special applications such as storage-as-wires, and IRP trends and PPAs. The workshop will also give participants updates on key developments in RTOs/ISOs and critical state level activities. Throughout the course of these discussions, participants will hear about specific case studies to highlight each topic’s real-world practicalities.

The Green Hydrogen Value Proposition: Fundamental Policy Needs to Drive Market Development and Re-Imagine the Energy Ecosystem

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Presented by Nick Connell (Green Hydrogen Coalition), Dr. Justin W. Raade (Electric Power Research Institute), Janice Lin (Green Hydrogen Coalition), Melanie Davidson (SDG&E), Clark Crawford (GKN), Abraham Mooney (Obsidian Renewables), Dhruv Bhatnagar (Strategen), and Jason Goodhand (DNV)

Experts among the energy industry are increasingly acknowledging that green hydrogen will be a key resource to achieving complete economy and electricity sector decarbonization targets. Due to its unique versatility and flexible characteristics, similar to natural gas, green hydrogen can be utilized as a long-duration, seasonal energy storage resource that can address the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy-duty transportation, industrial processes, aviation, and maritime applications. This workshop will discuss pathways to actualize the green hydrogen value proposition, considering fundamental policy drivers necessary to drive appropriate market development and realize anticipated cost reductions, evaluating:

  • The green hydrogen value proposition across the electricity sector and economy wide to drive deep decarbonization
  • Updates on policies, projects, and funding opportunities that are advancing the adoption of green hydrogen in the US and internationally
    • Tax incentives for green hydrogen under the Inflation Reduction Act
    • Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act
  • How policy developments are accelerating the green hydrogen economy, and what fundamental policy drivers and innovation that is still needed for a thriving market
  • Key states with supportive policy and regulatory environments that are ripe for project development
  • How developers can navigate this new market, identify optimal participation pathways, and develop successful, bankable green hydrogen projects

This workshop will feature Nick Connell, the Policy Director of the Green Hydrogen Coalition, who has been working with regulators across the country to develop innovative policy support mechanisms for clean hydrogen.

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