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Richard Brody

VP of Business Development | Quidnet Energy

Richard Brody

VP of Business Development - Quidnet Energy


As VP of Business Development at Quidnet Energy, Richard Brody drives the company’s strategy to commercially deploy its innovative long-duration energy storage technology—Geomechanical Pumped Storage (GPS)—allowing greater renewable energy integration and accelerating electric grid decarbonization. Previously, as Director of Sales and Marketing for Energy Storage at Lockheed Martin Energy, Richard launched the
GridStar® Lithium system and led business development for GridStar® Flow, a new battery technology for large-scale, long duration applications. Before Lockheed Martin, Richard led business development
at Primus Power, SustainX, and PowerGenix, three energy storage startups.

Over a decade at United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Richard served as President of international operations in Moscow, then Vice President of International Business Development at UTC Power. In the latter position, he established the company’s clean energy business in Asia and Europe. Before UTC, Richard worked at the White House as Special Advisor on International Affairs to Vice President Al Gore. Richard served as most recent Chair of the Boards of Directors of the California Energy Storage Alliance and of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, during his time in Moscow.
Richard earned a B.A. from Columbia University and an MA/Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

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