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Erin Childs

Senior Mangager | Strategen

Erin Childs

Senior Mangager - Strategen


Erin is a Senior Manager at Strategen Consulting where she specializes in grid planning and decarbonization; emerging technologies and business models; and retail and market incentive mechanisms. Erin has a deep expertise in the challenges and solutions to accelerate deployment of long duration energy storage and green hydrogen to enable multi-sectoral decarbonization. Prior to Strategen, Erin worked at Southern California Edison (SCE) on corporate strategy, long-term planning, policy, and resource procurement. Erin developed and implemented SCE’s economy-wide decarbonization strategy and led efforts supporting SCE’s utility-of-the-future transitions, including building digital and DSO capabilities. Erin holds bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Environmental Economics from Pomona College.

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