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Solar, Storage & EV Charging Infrastructure

Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America is dedicated to accelerating the energy transition—a goal that will only be possible through critical growth, optimization, and integration of solar, storage, and EV charging infrastructure.

Why Now?

It has become increasingly important to include electric vehicles in renewable energy conversations as clean energy technologies advance and legislation (like the Inflation Reduction Act) offers new incentives for expansion and adoption.

Rapid growth within the EV charging infrastructure sector in particular will be vital towards reaching many decarbonization goals set within the US and around the world. In order to optimize benefits and ensure long-term success, in-depth coordination with solar and energy storage across technology, policy, and infrastructure must become a priority.

Solar, Storage, and EV Charging Infrastructure at #isnaesna23

As an event organizer, Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America can equip renewable energy stakeholders with the information, connections, and opportunities they need for strategic business planning and new partnerships. Here’s how we’re encouraging interaction and integration between technologies onsite at our 2023 conference and expo:

  • Our conference program will deliver purposeful, forward-looking education on the topic of integration, including a panel titled, “EVs as Grid Storage Resource/V2X Interconnection,” monitored by Ed Burgess, Policy Director at the Vehicle-Grid Integration Council.
  • Our sold-out EV Charging Infrastructure Pavilion in the #isnaesna23 exhibit hall will showcase innovative companies servicing this growing segment of the energy transition, including Churod Americas, Inc., CMBlu Energy, Inc., PowerCharge, PowerFlex, Visaka Industries Limited, and Zhejiang Hecheng Smart Electric Co. Ltd.
  • The live Solar Games competition, show-floor happy hours, WRISE Networking Breakfast, and Wednesday Night Party will deliver casual and structured networking opportunities, enabling attendees to discuss similar challenges, find new solutions, and form impactful partnerships.

Join us at #isnaesna23 to access the impactful connections and timely education that will help us move towards an integrated energy transition.

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