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Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) – Strategies for Widespread Dissemination

January 13, 2022
10:30 am-11:30 am
Room 201
Matt McDonnell

Strategen Consulting

Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) is increasingly being recognized for the huge value proposition and range of potential benefits it can offer – from enhancing grid reliability services, electrifying transportation and the grid, and other value stream opportunities for consumers, EV operators, utilities, and society at large. This session will explore the current landscape of VGI in a variety of regional and state jurisdictions, highlighting where VGI advancements and progress is being made, and evaluating key considerations related to interconnection, rate design , and wholesale market reforms. Panelists will also discuss opportunities for VGI within the recent federal infrastructure bill, and key action items needed to continue advancing VGI.

Location: Room 201

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