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Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing (IRT) for PV Systems

January 14, 2022
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Track - Energy Storage – Utility Scale
Michael Palmer

Megger Americas

Ryan Mayfield

Mayfield Renewables

Performing insulation resistance testing on the conductors installed in PV systems is an important step in system commissioning and O&M. In this session, 130-year-old leader in electrical testing equipment manufacturer, Megger, will demonstrate the proper techniques and analysis used when performing these tests on PV systems. Megger Americas now has an updated suite of tools with improved features designed for PV applications. Third party verifier, Ryan Mayfield will focus in depth on how to properly and safely perform insulation resistance tests on solar arrays and how to validate the results collected onsite. Use of the guard terminal feature for improved IR testing accuracy as well as use of the new DCM1500S volt meter with 2000V capability will be focused on in this session.

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