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Solar Success: How Duct Sealing Protects Margins & Improves Performance: Aeroseal

January 14, 2022
2:30 pm - 2:50 pm
Jarrod Scott


As solar energy’s popularity and affordability keep increasing, so does competition among installation contractors. Join Jarrod Scott, National Director at Aeroseal, to learn how sealing HVAC ducts as part of the solar install makes for a more efficient and effective installation. Attendees will learn:

• Why adding duct sealing won’t impact install speed, safety, or quality
• How duct sealing can set your business apart from competitors and lead to lower cancelation rates
• How HVAC systems are the biggest energy consumer in a typical home, and duct sealing reduces consumption more than LED lighting and a new thermostat combined
• How duct sealing improves a home’s comfort, air quality, and solar install performance

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