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Solar Hybrid Systems incorporating Natural Gas or LPG for on and off grid applications

January 14, 2022
2:30 pm-3:30 pm
Arthur Sams

Polar Power Inc

To increase the use of Solar Energy the Industry needs to expand its markets / applications by incorporating new technologies solving the problems energy storage cost, maximizing the use of PV energy generated during cloudy weather, early morning, and late afternoon. On off grid applications are dominated by diesel generators. PV has had limited success in comparison to the market size and the current limitations can be attributed to oversimplification of the of the system design. The most common fault in the system design is using a backup generator that by classification has a limited service life verses a prime power generator. Incorporating prime power generators running on lower cost clean burning fuel lowers CAPEX and OPEX costs and improves reliability. Using DC generators as opposed to AC reduces system complexity and improves reliability.

Running solar direct loads such as water pumping and refrigerated storage can benefit by running the DC generator in parallel with the PV array with both sources feeding power into the inverter / motor drive.

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