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PV After Installation – O&M, Failures, and Recycling

January 13, 2022
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Room 201
Sam Vanderhoof

Recycle PV Solar

Jason Feng


Matthew G Herman

Namaste Solar Electric

Brian Mehalic

Solar Energy International

With power output warranties of 20-30 years, it is easy to believe that our work is over once a PV system is installed. However, our industry needs to take a closer look at the life of PV after installation. In this panel, we will discuss the importance of O&M contracts for ensuring proper service, improved system performance, increased customer loyalty & revenue. We will consider common failure points and the best path forward once a failure is identified. Finally, we will look at module recycling, including existing options, common misconceptions, and barriers to making this practice commonplace.

Location: Room 201

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