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The Long and Short of It: Energy Storage for Days

January 13, 2022
2:30 pm-3:30 pm
Room 202

Energy storage of all types will be a key enabler of a fully decarbonized electric grid. While shorter-duration storage now supports today’s level of renewable energy generation, longer-duration storage technologies will soon be widely deployed to support dramatic renewables growth, provide multiple grid services, and help avoid new fossil generation.

Today’s commercially available long-duration storage technologies, as well as those coming online in the next few years, will transform the grid into a more resilient, responsive and flexible resource. In addition to providing storage capacities ranging from eight hours to days or weeks, many of these innovations are based on low-cost, safe and abundant raw materials such as iron, air, salt and water.

This session will consider four long-duration storage solutions. Presenters will highlight the different underlying technologies, use cases and market opportunities for iron flow batteries, iron-air batteries, geomechanical pumped storage, and electro-thermal energy storage.

Location: Room 202

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