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Digitalization in the project phase as the driver of LCOE reduction: 5 Keys to know how: RatedPower

January 13, 2022
1:10 pm - 1:30 pm

More than ⅔ of the costs of a PV project are soft activities like design and engineering. pvDesign has reportedly reduced by 5% the LCOE of solar plants designed with it, translating to a 20% higher solar plant profitability. How? By simultaneously iterating estimations and specifications that we input, a million times. Thanks to its algorithms, RatedPower’s cloud-based software is capable of quickly comparing variables such as energy, DC/AC ratio or LCOE, thereby analyzing all possible scenarios and optimizing PV plant design from a very early stage.

Having optimised up to 2,000 GW in more than 150 countries, pvDesign brings value to developers, IPPs, contractors, investors, and manufacturers, helping them make better decisions, democratizing engineering knowledge and boosting the deployment of solar plants worldwide. RatedPower is changing the traditional engineering industry by transforming 6 weeks of work into just a few minutes, and accelerating the energy transition towards reaching the Net Zero Emissions goal by 2050. Find out the 5 Keys to know how to reduce LCOE by digitalizing.

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