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De-risking mega-projects through data-driven solar and storage procurement, construction and operations

January 14, 2022
1:15 pm-2:15 pm

The number of U.S. solar+storage projects more than doubled from 2016 to present and the EIA expects this trend to continue –before long, every PV power plant will include energy storage. As mega-scale, 100+ MW projects financed by traditional investors become the norm, de-risking solar+storage assets at every stage of development will be required. But these massive projects are so new that project stakeholders are still writing the risk mitigation rules. Following a diligence best practices framework to minimize exposure to technology risk wills developers attract investment by building confidence in the asset’s financial performance outlook. Key topics will include managing procurement across multiple PV and storage vendors and quality control steps to guide equipment production, construction and ongoing operations.

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