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Community Options for Storage: Creating Locally-Sourced Power For Peak Needs

January 13, 2022
10:30 am-11:30 am
Room 203
Aric Saunders

Electriq Power

Josh Hotvet

Agilitas Energy

Erin Childs


This session will feature two case studies from California and New York City that evaluate how two very different communities are addressing community resiliency through the creation of locally-sourced power necessary for peak needs and reliability. The two case studies featured will be:

  • How a Bay Area Partnership Shows the Way Forward for Creating Resilient Grids with CCAs: A project between the Marin County Energy CCA and Electriq Power shows how the agencies can work with outside partners to further their goals for energy resiliency and clean power. When the grid fails, homeowners can rely on their home battery to keep their electricity running. In addition to resiliency, partnering with an energy storage provider can help fulfill the clean energy goals of CCAs, since home batteries are a natural complement to solar power.
  • Real World: Energy Storage as a Non-Wires Solution in NYC: Energy storage is compelling for dense urban areas like New York City, but there are significant costs associated with building a system to operate safely and reliably. Agilitas Energy is building a 4.7 MW energy storage system in Queens, as part of a non-wires program to reduce peak demand on the grid. This will result in fewer wires and less reliance on electricity from New York’s peaker plants, some of the dirtiest and most expensive electricity in the country.

Location: Room 203

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