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Building a Distributed and Equitable Energy Future

January 13, 2022
2:30 pm-3:30 pm
Room 204
Lindsay Gorrill

Kore Power

Presented by PV Magazine

Addressing the threat posed by climate change means using massive amounts of clean energy resources like solar to both decarbonize and electrify the economy. While projects hundreds of megawatts in capacity and breakthrough battery tech steal a lot of the headlines, small-scale, distributed generation and storage will be one of the pillars holding up the energy transition.

Distributed generation and storage can help to keep communities powered during storms and outages, keep electricity costs low, and ensure the benefits of renewables reach all the members of a community. Community microgrids are increasingly being viewed as a necessity for future energy resiliency.

DG also encompasses every aspect of a home or dwelling, utilizing smart devices, thermostats, and even cars to ensure a safe, flexible, and reliable local grid.

This panel takes a holistic view at the current role that distributed generation and storage play in our energy sector, and how that role will evolve in the coming years. We will also touch on each of the technologies, their innovation, and their potential, including: residential solar, residential storage, smart thermostats, and electric vehicles.

Location: Room 204

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