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Think Beyond the Grid! How Green Hydrogen Will Open Vast New Market Opportunities for Solar: Fundamentals, Applications & the Evolution of Green Hydrogen Hubs

January 12, 2022
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Janice Lin

Green Hydrogen Coalition

Janice Lin

Green hydrogen is a promising and exciting area in the clean energy world and represents a major growth opportunity for solar energy deployment. Green hydrogen, a gas that can be made simply from water and solar energy, is already starting to transform fossil-fuel powered economies into economies fueled by the sun. In this workshop, join experts who will explain green hydrogen basics, use cases, and developments in the United States and globally, and identify market opportunities for solar developers to be aware of as the green hydrogen economy unfolds.

Attendees will learn why green hydrogen is a game changer, how it can be used for multi day and seasonal energy storage and review how the unique qualities of this resource can accelerate multisectoral decarbonization. The workshop will also address how utility scale solar development can drive production of green hydrogen at-scale, and also review a case study of HyDeal Los Angeles— North America’s first green hydrogen hub.

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