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An App for Your Solar Site: Helping Construction and O&M Teams Deliver Higher ROI: SenseHawk

January 13, 2022
11:50 am - 12:10 pm
Swarup Mavanoor

Sensehawk Inc.

Solar sites are growing larger, and the number of installations is increasing. Managing a large fleet is becoming increasingly difficult; not just for asset owners, EPCs and O&M companies, but also for the people that are on-site, getting things done.

Every new site means a learning curve, and the allocation of resources is not always simple. Digital communication technologies (DCT) can solve a lot of the problems faced by stakeholders in the solar energy space.

SenseHawk believes that managing a solar site in the future is going to be as simple as opening your handheld device and looking for a cab or finding the way to your favourite restaurant. This talk brings you a summary of the capabilities that can help you get there.

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