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Advanced Grid Simulation for Testing EVs, Solar Inverters and Grid-Tied Systems: NH Research

January 13, 2022
10:30 am - 10:50 am
Brian Hsu

NH Research (NHR)

Electrification and new energy deployments are accelerating. The ability to simulate and validate the stability of the grid system is critical for reliable and safe infrastructure. In this session, we’ll share advanced solutions and industry use cases for testing EVs, micro-grid, PV inverters, V2G and energy storage applications. Regenerative bi-directional sources, grid simulators and battery emulators are the engineer’s tools for testing new power management systems, solar, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and DC fast chargers. These testing capabilities are ideal for utility companies to test and understand the impacts of e-mobility and grid-tied devices (DG and V2G) on the grid. Grid simulators are used to verify solar PV inverters and grid-tied devices while DC emulators are used to emulate an energy storage system. This combination is a complete solution for low voltage ride-through testing as well as IEEE 1547, UL 1741, and similar grid-tied standards around the globe.

Key Technical Concepts: •

  • Market trends and industry approaches for simulating AC and DC networks
  • Example industry use cases and applications
  • How to select a Grid Simulator and get to market faster
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