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2020 NEC® Changes Affecting PV and Energy Storage System (plus a 2023 sneak peek!): SEI

January 13, 2022
12:40 pm - 1:25 pm

Join a voting member of Code Making Panel 4 for a discussion of changes in the 2020 NEC® and a sneak peek at the upcoming 2023 edition. Regardless of the version of the National Electrical Code enforced in your jurisdiction, the Code drives industry-wide best practices and product development cycles of manufacturers; it is critical for installers, designers, manufacturers, engineers, developers, and building officials to stay current. This presentation will focus on critical updates and changes that impact PV system design and installation for all types of applications – including energy storage systems – ranging from off-grid, to interactive PV systems on buildings, up to to utility-scale solar farms. There are some great updates that will help reduce system cost while maintaining safety – you need to know what they are to take advantage; and there’s some updates that may end up adding cost – and you need to know the best ways to deal with them. Bring questions if you have them and be ready for some fun talking Code.

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