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Join industry-leading experts and organizations on Tuesday, July 13 for actionable and engaging full- or half-day workshops. Please note additional registration is required.


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Energy Storage, PV and the NEC

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM | Presented by Sean White and Bill Brooks

This workshop will cover the 2020 and 2017 NEC, with emphasis on PV and Energy storage. Bill Brooks is the main force organizing and making changes in the NEC for PV. Sean White and Bill Brooks have been teaching NEC workshops together for 8 years. Bill has been teaching solar for over 3 decades and Sean over one decade. Sean was the 2014 IREC Trainer of the year and has recently received the APVIA 2019 Award in Shanghai. Bill and Sean co-wrote PV and the NEC and Sean has published 6 books on solar. The course will count towards 6 hours of NABCEP credit.

NABCEP Technical Trainings

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM | Presented by NABCEP

The Installer-Contractor Continuing Ed Technical Workshops provide an in-depth look at 6 different renewable energy products. NABCEP Board Certified Professionals will advance their professional development and earn CEUs pre-approved to meet NABCEP recertification* requirements. A total of 4 non-concurrent training sessions will cover Battery-Based System Sizing, to Structural Solutions For Solar on Flat Roofs, Large Scale Commercial Design, Rapid Shutdown and Financial Modeling. A total of 6 advanced-level CEUs are available.

*Note: CEUs are also accepted for NABCEP PVIP & PVTS Exam Applications as explained in the NABCEP Certification Handbook.

PV and Energy Storage: Configurations and Applications—NABCEP Approved

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Presented by SEI

There is currently a tremendous amount of interest in photovoltaics and energy storage systems, and the growth in the energy storage sector is expected to continue for years to come. In this course, we will discuss common applications and varying topologies of battery-based PV systems. Topics include DC and AC coupled PV, residential storage systems, zero-sell systems, and solar plus storage systems designed for demand management. Join SEI instructors with decades of experience to learn more about battery-based applications, equipment, and system design. Sign up for the afternoon session to build upon this foundation and receive a full-day of battery-based system design training.

This course has been approved for 4 NABCEP CE hours: 4 PVIP JTA

Designing & Selling Customer-Sited Solar + Storage Systems

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Presented by Adam Gerza and Andrea Woodall

In this interactive workshop aimed at solar sales professionals and contractors, learn from experts on the value proposition for selling customer-sited energy storage. This session will have general content as well as California-specific information on demystifying the SGIP to unlock state funds that can help cover your client’s energy storage related costs.

Objectives include:

  • How to accurately quantify the savings of (BTM) behind-the-meter energy storage projects
  • How to identify the most financially attractive BTM solar + storage projects
  • How to optimize the solar + storage system size for optimal project economics (savings, payback, IRR, NPV)
  • Best practices for presenting solar + storage savings & economics to customers, including a discussion of the new requirements from AB 1070 that will go into effect this year
  • Discuss how developers are assigning a value to energy storage’s resiliency benefit
  • How to tap into utility grid services programs & value streams

Demystifying California’s SGIP program:

  • Provide a brief history of SGIP program
  • Overview the new SGIP program rules
  • Overview SGIP’s budget carveouts (Equity, Equity Resiliency, General Market)
  • Provide an update on program reservations & uptake

Electric Power Industry Trends and the Accelerating Role for Energy Storage

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Presented by Peter Kelly-Detwiler

This engaging and interactive workshop will bring participants up to speed on the mega-trends driving energy storage market growth in the US.  Topics will include: the rapid growth and market impacts of wind and solar, the role of low-priced natural gas in setting prices, the challenge for new and existing generation, high level global trends and why the stage is set for the dramatic growth of storage.

This workshop will provide attendees with a solid understanding of power market dynamics and the challenges of renewables integration. It will offer actionable insights to private and public-sector leaders in business development, finance, marketing, or policy roles, in addition to offering the “big picture” to those who may be new to the energy or energy storage industry.

Target Audience: Ideal attendee understands the basics of energy storage, and seeks to better understand the role of storage in evolving power markets and industry trend updates

Market Opportunities for Stand-Alone and Co-Located Storage Resources

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Presented by Michael Berlinski, Joel Berger, Patrick Shoop
and John Fernandes

During this workshop, get key insights into the market opportunities for energy storage resources in the U.S. and Canada. Facilitators will explain the existing opportunities at the federal, regional (RTO/ISO), and state level, and the ability to stack value streams. Material will cover market design features for both in front of and behind the meter resources, as well as for distributed energy resources (DERs). Get insider knowledge on important market developments currently underway. Presenters will also share case studies involving stand-alone storage, dual-use / multiple-use applications, and hybrid resources, and will explore their implications on the value proposition of energy storage.

Energy Storage Utility Procurement Best Practices

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Presented by Alex Morris

In this workshop aimed at utilities and other load serving entities, learn best practices for designing energy storage procurement, from RFP design to vendor selection to contracting. The goal of this workshop is to leverage lessons learned from utilities who have already succcessfully procured over 500 MW of front-of-meter energy storage.

Advanced Battery-based System Design—NABCEP Approved

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Presented by SEI

The market demand for energy storage technologies presents new opportunities and varied applications, and battery-based system design is a complex task. This course will take a detailed look at system sizing and component selection, providing both DC and AC coupled design examples for residential battery-based applications. NEC® requirements, best-practice design considerations, and system maintenance strategies will be presented by SEI instructors who have extensive experience with battery-based PV systems. This course expands upon the concepts laid out in the morning session; sign up for both sessions for a full and comprehensive look at battery-based system design.
This course has been approved for 4 NABCEP CE hours: 4 PVIP JTA

Workshops are not included in the #isnaesna21 conference program: Additional registration is required.

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