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2019 Workshops

ESNA 2019 Pre-Conference Workshops

Our interactive workshops addressed almost every aspect of grid-connected energy storage. Last year’s workshops were designed to provide educational, actionable information for specific audiences ranging from utilities to storage companies to policymakers to energy end-users. Workshops were included in every All-Access Conference pass and available on a first come, first reserved basis.

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This engaging and interactive workshop brought participants up to speed on the mega-trends driving energy storage market growth in the US. Topics included: the rapid growth and market impacts of wind and solar, the role of low-priced natural gas in setting prices, the challenge for new and existing generations, high level global trends and why the stage is set for the dramatic growth of storage.
This workshop provided attendees with a solid understanding of power market dynamics and the challenges of renewables integration. It offered actionable insights to private and public-sector leaders in business development, finance, marketing, or policy roles, in addition to offering the “big picture” to those new to the energy or energy storage industry.


Peter Kelly-Detwiler
Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners, LLC

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Energy storage can be a highly technical, often confusing industry filled with inconsistent terminology and misleading metrics. Our most popular workshop taught attendees how to make sense of it all and gain the knowledge needed to compare technologies, understand applications and use cases, evaluate costs, and conduct basic market valuations. This workshop provided energy storage neophytes with a basic foundational knowledge of concepts and technology. The session built on this core understanding to provide deeper insight into battery-based energy storage concepts to teach attendees how to match battery technologies to applications, optimize battery system sizing, and evaluate battery energy storage project costs. This informative session employed simple analogies and examples combined with interactive exercises to translate technical concepts into valuable commercial skills for the energy storage industry. 


Mark Hardin
Director, Opportunity Development, NEC Energy Solutions

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This pre-conference workshop was a follow-on to the Energy Storage 101 workshop and assumed a basic understanding of the wholesale market design. During this pre-conference workshop, attendees gained insight into the key market opportunities for energy storage resources in the U.S. markets. This workshop stood alone as an in-depth session on U.S. markets and business models for energy storage; facilitators explained market participation rules in the seven U.S. organized wholesale (ISO) markets as well as described important drivers at the federal and state level. Material covered market design features that promote or challenge storage resource participation in the capacity, energy, and ancillary service markets, including historical pricing, as well as requirements for demand response and other distributed energy resources. Presenters also looked at pending market design changes such as those associated with FERC Order 841, multiple use applications and hybrid resources, and their implications on the value proposition for energy storage.


Michael Berlinski
Director, Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions

Chad Dixon
Consultant – Emerging Technology, Customized Energy Solutions

Patrick Shoop
Manager – Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions

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