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2019 Conference Tracks

The mission of ESNA is to educate and inspire. In 2019, our theme was All About Innovation: Technology, Markets, Business Models. ESNA 2019 had four audience-focused conference tracks. To reference last year’s individual sessions, please visit the 2019 Agenda.

power lines


Two days of programming focused on the utility audience. This highly educational track covered intermediate to advanced topics facing utilities. The sessions showcased how innovative utilities across the US tackle challenges such as safety, EV deployment, DER optimization, storage for resilience, and long duration energy storage needs for the 100% clean energy future. These sessions traveled from Texas to New Jersey to Washington, DC to California and beyond to understand how utilities think about these topics in novel ways and share learnings from successful utility programs.

battery power


This highly technical track focused on educating grid operators on the value of energy storage and how to use energy storage software and programs for positive financial outcomes. Attendees heard presentations from experts on grid operations, software for microgrid and DERMS, bidding, and EV second life programs. The recommended audience for this track was utility and non-utility dispatch and operations specialists, technical planners, and software gurus.



Two days of programming focused on the audience of developers and energy planners in the commercial and industrial space. This highly educational track covered intermediate to advanced topics related to energy storage, such as how to get projects financed and insured, safe operations, and solar-plus-storage integration. This track also introduced the most innovative technology solutions for energy storage from behind-the-meter to large-scale, seasonal applications.

grid system


In 2019, ESNA hosted the Global Grid Transformation (GGT) program, a one-day facilitated roundtable and workshop with key stakeholders from around the world. International delegations came together to promote cross-border collaboration on grid transformation issues with policymakers and companies from across North America to exchange ideas, share success stories and brainstorm solutions to key challenges, with a focus on promoting a decarbonized, resilient and affordable power grid. Key takeaways were shared widely through various channels including the issuance of a public whitepaper and webinars.

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