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Atlantic City, NJ

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 1000
Rated Capacity: 1000
Technology Type: Array
Powered by: Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc.
Services Provided: Electric Bill Management, Renewable Energy Integration, Frequency Regulation Resiliency

The Atlantic County Utility Authority (ACUA) Battery Storage Project with Viridity Energy is a one-megawatt, one-megawatt hour renewable energy storage battery located at ACUA’s Wastewater Treatment Facility in Atlantic City, NJ. It is the first public renewable energy storage battery to become operational in New Jersey. This project will improve the overall health of the grid by reducing pressure off of it by utilizing stored excess energy from other renewable energy projects on site and by providing energy to the grid during times of high demand. Overall this project reduces energy costs and generates revenue from the PJM energy markets, at no cost to ACUA. ACUA’s two problems in the past, which are no longer present, were their lack of resilience during extreme weather conditions and excess energy being wasted from their renewable energy resources. Viridity’s market leading Battery Storage as a Service (BSAAS) solution combines an advanced, fully integrated battery energy storage system with Viridity’s VPowerTM energy management software, giveing ACUA the ability to continuously operate and provide critical water treatment services to their customers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adweJaKvavE

Voting Hashtag: #ESNA_Viridity

More Info: https://twitter.com/EnergyStorageNA

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