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Greater Boston, MA

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 1,300 kW
Rated Capacity: Varies
Technology Type: Thermal
Company: Viking Cold Solutions
Powered by: Eversource
Services Provided: peak demand reduction / demand shed / energy efficiency

In June 2019, Viking Cold Solutions completed the installation of eight Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems as part of an Eversource demand management program in Massachusetts. These BTM TES systems store and facilitate management of approximately 1.3 MW of energy onsite, and do not require any additional real estate for the system components. Facilities that store food at low temperatures have the highest energy demand per cubic foot of any industrial electricity load. The cost of this energy has increased across the U.S., where demand charges can account for up to 70% of a consumer’s electricity bill. Oftentimes, during these periods of high demand, peaker plants must be brought online to support the grid. This project is unique because Viking Cold’s solution leverages the facilities’ existing refrigeration systems to store cold energy and discharge it over long periods of time (up to 13 hours) when it is most economical for the grid and the facility operator, thus lowering energy costs, increasing resiliency, and benefitting the environment. The Greater Boston Food Bank was the program’s first installation. The charitable organization has since seen a 75% reduction in energy consumption and a 76% reduction in demand during its four-hour peak demand period.

Project Hashtag: #EVERSOURCE_ESNA

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