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Sonoma, California

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 0.5485 MW
Rated Capacity: 0.7046 MWh
Technology Type: 
Powered by: Wooster Engineering, DC Systems, Aquion, Tesla, ESS Inc., SEL, Dynapower, Ideal Power, Outback Power, Eaton, Emerson, PlugPower ReliOn, and more
Services Provided: Electric bill management, renewable energy integration, spinning reserve, non-spinning reserve, frequency regulation, onsite renewable energy shifting, onsite power

Stone Edge Farm is a beautiful 15-acre organic farm and vineyard located in Sonoma, California. The microgrid is unique in terms of its three modes of operation with reference to the grid. Like other microgrids, it can run as an island, disconnected; while connected, it can import power from the grid. What is unique is the third mode: its ability to run parallel, that is, to operate while connected to the grid and import or export energy. The project is distinguished by the complexity of multiple technologies, types and brands of batteries and inverters, PV, bulk hydrogen storage, fuel cells, and hydrogen fuel-cell Mirai vehicles.

More Info: http://sefmicrogrid.com/

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