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Carson, CA

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 1000
Rated Capacity: 2000
Technology Type: Array
Powered by: Stem
Services Provided: Electric Bill Management, Renewable Energy Integration, Resiliency, Others

The StubHub Center is a state-of-the-art stadium in Carson, California owned and operated by AEG Worldwide. In January 2017, the StubHub Center activated a 2 MWh Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered energy storage system from Stem. The system reduces onsite demand charges, automatically adapts to changing rate structures, and generates demand response revenue by responding to Critical Peak Pricing events that support grid reliability. The system operates invisibly, optimizing the timing of energy use without any staff involvement or operational disruption. AEG pursued energy storage to proactively adapt to constantly changing energy use and prices. As a stadium serving the public, StubHub Center does not have the flexibility to reschedule operations to avoid peak electricity prices. Before deploying storage, AEG had to buy electricity at the exact time it was needed, even if prices were 10X more expensive than earlier in the day. Now, with Stem’s solution, AEG can buy electricity when it’s cheaper and use it later, reducing time-based energy costs and minimizing exposure to changing rate structures. The StubHub system is part of Stem’s virtual power plant, which enables greater utilization of renewables like solar, while supporting a more sustainable, efficient and resilient grid.

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More Info: https://twitter.com/EnergyStorageNA

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