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New England, MA

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 2 MW
Rated Capacity: 3.9 MWh
Technology Type: 
Powered by: Sandia National Laboratories Energy Storage Tech Dept, Clean Energy Group, US DOE, NEC Energy Solutions, Parker Hannifin
Services Provided: Frequency Regulation, Resiliency, Energy Arbitrage, Reduction in Monthly Network Load, Reduction in Capacity Payments to ISO New England, and Others

This project is based on the analysis, request for proposal, an energy storage Procurement Guidance Documents for municipalities, and deployment of a 2 MW, 3.9 MWh GSS® grid energy storage system. The system is the largest system of its kind installed in New England and the first utility scale project in Massachusetts. Using solar energy, the system can provide up to 12 days of clean backup power to nearby police stations and emergency dispatch centers in case of a grid outage. The Benefits considered in the analysis portion include: energy arbitrage, frequency regulation, reduction in monthly network load, reduction in capacity payments to ISO New England, and grid resiliency. The Sterling ES project demonstrates applications that energy storage can be used for, and the positive economic benefits that can be derived from it. It also showcases the best economic case Sandia National Laboratories has found to date for energy storage, with an expected payback of installed costs in less than seven years (discounting grants). The Procurement guidance document is intended to support Massachusetts Department of Energy’s Community Clean Energy Resilience Initiative awardees in energy storage procurement. Additionally, these materials offer useful information for other municipalities to consider as they develop solicitations for resilient, energy storage projects.

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