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Philadelphia, PA

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Project Description

Rated Power: 1.5 MW for braking energy capture, 800 kW for load modulation
Rated Capacity: 3.34 kWh for braking energy capture into ultra-capacitors, 560 kWh for load modulation with the lithium-ion battery
Technology Type: 
Powered by: ABB, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, Viridity Energy, Maxwell Technologies, Saft
Services Provided: Electric Bill Management, Frequency Regulation, Transportation Services

This innovative system recovers into ultra-capacitors the excess braking energy from thousands of daily train stops; while simultaneously modulating the substation load with lithium-ion batteries to provide fast response frequency regulation to the PJM energy market. By implementing two key industry trends with a single platform, the system delivers over $250K of annual economic benefit.

More Info: http://www.energystorageexchange.org/projects/1234

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