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Escondido, California

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 37.5 MW
Rated Capacity: 150 MWh
Technology Type: 
Powered by: Samsung, Casteel, Parker Hannifin
Services Provided: Renewable Energy Integration, Resiliency and More

The Expedited Energy Storage (ESP) project was implemented to provide a reliable, peaking resource to face the challenges brought about by meeting the evening energy ramp in the face of constrained natural gas supplies. The entire system, which provides 37.5 MW of energy and 150 MWh of capacity, is currently the world’s largest lithium-ion battery storage facility. It was built on four separate distribution feeders across two distinct physical locations to speed the time of implementation. Our service territory increasingly sees low and sometimes negative daytime energy prices brought about by abundant solar energy production. Our ESP project provides an opportunity to harvest that low-cost, clean energy for later use in meeting peak energy demand without creating additional carbon emissions or curtailing customer demand. Issues that needed to be addressed include managing the interaction between existing distribution feeder control technology and the ESP system, dynamic scheduling of battery charging in relation to customer load, resource integration into the CAISO marketplace, and integration into SDG&E’s other grid operation and protection systems.

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