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Sixty-eight locations

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Project Description

Rated Power: 48 kW per unit/ 3.3 MW total
Rated Capacity: 52 kWh per unit/ 3.5 MWh total
Technology Type: 
Powered by: Powertree Services
Services Provided: Renewable Energy Integration, Frequency Regulation, Transportation Services, Resiliency, T&D Deferral, On Site Power

Powertree Services’ San Francisco One delivers an integrated distributed system benefiting multiple customers including Tenants, Multi-Unit Owners, Electric Vehicle Drivers, CAISO and local economy while minimizing grid costs, reducing GHG/gasoline/diesel use. Solar PV, High current EV charging and Grid tied energy storage are all integrated to deliver multiple value streams.

More Info: http://www.energystorageexchange.org/projects/1426

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