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San Jose, CA

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 4 MW
Rated Capacity: 28 MWh
Technology Type: Array
Powered by: Pacific Gas and Electric, NGK Insulators, S&C Electric, DC Systems, California Energy Commission, Electric Power Research Institute, California Independent System Operator
Services Provided: Power Smoothing, Frequency Regulation, Peak Shaving, VAR Control, Power Quality, Islanding, and Ramping for Renewables Integration

PG&E’s Yerba Buena 4 MW/28 MWh Battery Project is a unique collaboration of PG&E, EPRI, CEC and the storage industry, this long duration sodium-sulfur battery energy storage system is providing valuable independent data about system performance while providing multiple benefits at both the distribution and bulk power level. The Vaca-Dixon 2 MW/14 MWh sister system was the first and currently only resource to participate in California’s CAISO new Non-Generator Resource energy and frequency regulation markets.

More Info: http://www.energystorageexchange.org/projects/362

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