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Brooklyn, NY

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 375 kW
Rated Capacity: 1.2 MWh
Technology Type: 
Powered by: Con Edison, Demand Energy, NYCEEC, Bloom Energy, LG Chem, Princeton Power, Bright Power, GridMarket, L+M Development Partners
Services Provided: Renewable Energy Integration, Onsite Renewable Energy Shifting, Resiliency, On site power, Peak Load Reduction, TOU Peak Shift, Demand Charge Reduction, Demand Curtailment and Others

The Marcus Garvey Village project is a first-of-its-kind urban microgrid that integrates solar PV, storage, and a fuel cell with Demand Energy’s Distributed Energy Network Operating System (DEN.OS) to manage and control these distributed energy resources. The system is New York’s first-ever solar+storage microgrid in an affordable housing development, and the first microgrid deployed under Con Ed’s BQDM program. Additionally, it’s the first lithium-ion battery system approved for use in a multi-family building in NYC. The project includes 400 kW of solar PV; a 400 kW fuel cell, and 375 kW/1.2 MWh of storage, all optimized through DEN.OS. The software platform intelligently manages microgrid assets in the context of local electricity pricing and demand, generating savings through demand charge reduction and time of use incentives. DEN.OS also ensures that the 625-unit complex self-consumes any energy it generates without exporting to the grid, which aligns directly with BQDM requirements. Not only does the microgrid provide resiliency during an outage, it also delivers essential load relief to Con Ed, lowers operational costs, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This customer-centric project advances the transition to a distributed energy system with benefits for the customer, for the community, and for the grid.

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