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Punkin Center, AZ

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 2,000
Rated Capacity: 8,000
Technology Type: Array
Powered by: Fluence
Services Provided: T&D Deferral

In 2017, Arizona Public Service became one of the first electricity companies in the nation to choose battery-based energy storage over traditional infrastructure for adding carrying capacity on its transmission and distribution grid. APS contracted Fluence to deploy a 2MW, 4-hour duration system for less cost than upgrading 20 miles of T&D lines to serve the town of Punkin Center, Arizona, a growing rural community 90 minutes northeast of Phoenix. The project demonstrates how storage can address local needs in areas experiencing population and load growth. To continue to maintain reliability for customers, APS chose storage for its faster deployment speed and lower implementation cost. The battery will provide much-needed T&D capacity, saving the time/cost of rebuilding lines and poles over difficult terrain. The same 2 MW asset counts towards APS’s total generation resource obligation, helping offset the purchase of new generating capacity to meet its continuing system load growth. Unlike traditional utility T&D and generation investments, battery-based energy storage can be built in just six months, allowing investment cash flows to be deferred into the future. Additionally, the Punkin Center battery provides benefits like local voltage regulation, system-level duck curve management, and flexibility for incremental storage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjSRvaP7Ucg

Voting Hashtag: #ESNA_Fluence

More Info: https://twitter.com/EnergyStorageNA

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