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La Jolla, California

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 60 kW
Rated Capacity: 100 kWh
Technology Type: 
Powered by: EVgo, EV Grid, BMW, Ideal Power, Kisensum, Schneider, BTC Power, ABB, UC San Diego
Services Provided: Electric Bill Management, Renewable Energy Integration, Onsite Renewable Energy Shifting, T&D Deferral, Transportation Services

The system is reducing the cost of ownership for public electric vehicle charging by leveraging two 30kW/50 kWh battery system from BMW-EVgrid, four 50kW charging pedestals from BTC, a site controller from Kisensum, and a 12 kW solar canopy. Together, EVgo, Kisensum, and BMW-EVgrid have created a demand management solution for EVgo’s network of DC Fast Chargers. The first site went live in June 2016 at the UC San Diego Campus. The control system is designed to optimize the harvesting of PV solar generation and charging/discharging of energy storage and dispatching power to the DC fast chargers. The EVgo project explores how incorporating energy storage with Level 3 EV charging infrastructure can reduce the cost of developing, constructing, and operating public stations in order to make charging accessible and affordable to all EV drivers. The site is a model for the future of public charging facilities by leveraging second-life batteries, solar generation, and intelligent site control.

More Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS7Dp8Dp-qE

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