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Project Description

Rated Power: 4-7 kW of demand equivalent per EV charging station
Rated Capacity: 50 MW under control
Technology Type: 
Powered by: eMotorWerks, OSIsoft
Services Provided: Capacity, Non-spinning reserve, Frequency Regulation, Onsite Renewable Energy Shifting, Resiliency, T&D Deferral, Transportation Services, GHG Reduction

eMotorWerks’ EV charging solution comprises a network of over 15,000 smart-grid EV charging stations worldwide, including eMotorWerks’ best-selling JuiceBox EVSEs and those of JuiceNet-enabled third-party stations such as Clipper Creek and General Electric (GE). Controlled via a cloud-based, self-learning platform that matches drivers’ charging to regional and local grid balancing needs, JuiceNet already provides advanced grid services and earns “frequent driver” rewards for EV owners. eMotorWerks’ network of smart-grid EV chargers provides the benefits of other storage and demand curtailment solutions by capitalizing on storage capacity purchased by EV owners, reducing the cost to utilities and grid operators to operating new stationary storage and DR infrastructure.

More Info: http://www.emotorwerks.com

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