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Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 4 systems @ 6 kW each
Rated Capacity: 4 systems @ 9.8 kWh
Technology Type: Electrochemical
Company: BMW of North America, LLC
Powered by: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Olivine, Inc., SMA America, LG Chem
Services Provided: 

Customer energy assets can play a large role in supporting overall grid decarbonization. The ‘ChargeForward Plus’ Project, in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric, builds upon BMW’s ChargeForward pilot program which looks to manage the charging of BMW EVs for customer and electric utility grid benefits. A limited number of current BMW ChargeForward participants installed a home battery energy storage system alongside their EV resource at home. The EV’s and home battery’s charging are coordinated together for optimal customer and utility grid benefits. During the past 5 months, 4 different use cases were tested including excess supply, demand response, frequency regulation and energy arbitrage. The project helps customers save money by reducing energy usage during peak times and helps the electric grid decarbonize by offering either generation or load as needed to support grid reliability and renewable integration. Additionally, ChargeForward Plus households are learning the ways in which their distributed resources can play a role in grid reliability and resiliency.

Project Hashtag: #BMW_ESNA

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