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Los Altos, California

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 130 kW
Rated Capacity: 1,040 kWh
Technology Type: 
Powered by: Axiom Exergy
Services Provided: Electric Bill Management, Resiliency, Demand Response and Others

Whole Foods Market has teamed up with Axiom Exergy, maker of the Refrigeration Battery®, to pilot the world’s first thermal energy storage solution specifically designed to integrate with central refrigeration systems and provide behind-the-meter energy storage services. The pilot is intended to demonstrate how thermal storage can economically and reliably offset refrigeration loads to reduce energy costs. The Refrigeration Battery is a thermal energy storage system that uses low-cost, off-peak electricity to “store cooling” by freezing a saltwater solution at night. During peak hours, when electricity and demand charges are highest, the system discharges, providing cooling to the store’s coolers and display cases, significantly reducing the building’s peak load (kW).

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