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Pomona, California

Project Info

Project Description

Rated Power: 20 MW
Rated Capacity: 80 MWh
Technology Type: 
Powered by: Samsung SDI, Parker Hannifin, Greensmith Energy, Power Engineers, ARB
Services Provided: Renewable Energy Integration, Spinning Reserve, Regulation Reserves, Resource Adequacy and Others

The AltaGas Pomona Energy Storage project was selected by Southern California Edison (SCE) in response to the Aliso Canyon gas leak that threatened fuel supplies and energy reliability in Southern California. In addition to AltaGas constructing the facility on-time and on-budget, construction of the lithium-ion battery system was completed in less than four months, which ranked as one of the fastest deployments of battery storage capacity on this scale in the industry to date. Strategically located within the LA Basin, Pomona Energy Storage provides 20 MW, 80 MWh of energy capacity and has a 10 year Energy Storage Resource Adequacy Purchase Agreement with SCE. “Offsetting periods of peak power with 80 MWh from battery storage is enough power to feed the electricity needs of approximately 15,000 homes over the four-hour period,” said David Harris, President and CEO of AltaGas. “Providing energy from electricity stored in lithium-ion batteries provides clean reliable energy that complements California’s renewable energy portfolio while adding to the versatility of our asset base which is well situated for pursuing other energy storage developments.”

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