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2019 Startup Alley

Icarus RT, Inc.

The Icarus system provides storage for on-demand power generation while increasing commercial and utility scale photovoltaic (PV) system power output in real time. A proprietary heat exchanger snaps-on to the back of the solar PV panels, extracts and collects heat from the operating panels which cools the panels thereby increasing panel performance. The collected heat is stored for generation on demand (i.e., after sunset) using a turbo-generator in Organic Rankine Cycle. The entire system is co-located with traditional PV arrays converting them to hybrid solar PV/thermal systems. The novel approach provides a significant increase to the power production resulting in an approximately 25% output increase in real time with Icarus installed. The cost-effective approach to thermal energy storage will generate up to four hours of additional power at full array capacity on demand without the cost, maintenance or environmental downsides of traditional batteries. The technology uses water and a special organic cooling fluid (refrigerant) designed for low grade waste heat recovery in either a single or dual loop system, depending on local conditions. The cost/watt for additional with Icarus installed is projected to be about 50% of the cost of a traditional PV system with Lithium-ion battery storage.


NeoCharge is an early-stage smart electric vehicle charging company whose mission is to eliminate barriers to electric vehicle adoption by providing convenient, easy, and affordable home charging access. Their flagship product is a smart splitter device that plugs into a 220-volt outlet occupied by an electric dryer, water heater, EV charger, or electric heat pump in or near the garage. It ensures that charging between the appliance and the car is synchronized, so the appliance receives power when needed, and the car resumes charging afterward. This plug and play solution can be installed without an electrician, the need for infrastructural changes, or permits. The smart system integrates charge scheduling, automated carbon emission reduction, metering and demand response capabilities. NeoCharge’s goal is to enable lower-income families, home renters, and homeowners to feasibly own an electric car by using already existing electrical infrastructure to save time and money on home charging installation.

Alumina Energy

Alumina Energy, founded 2015, is developing and commercializing innovative packed bed thermal energy storage solutions for heat and electric storage and generation applications. Our technology leverages low-cost and recycled ceramics to store and recover thermal energy with high efficiency, flexibility (scale and end use of heat/electricity). The system is easy to install and can make use of existing assets to convert to low cost energy storage.


MOEV Inc. was born out of UCLA’s Smart Grid Energy Research Center by a team convinced to commercialize the technology developed to solve future grid challenges, while creating a comprehensive charging solution for site hosts, utilities and electric vehicle (EV) drivers that is both cheaper and more energy efficient than today’s alternatives.
MOEV offers a cloud-based software technology that leverages smart charging of EVs to support smart grid integration, which enables large numbers of EVs to be added to the grid without increasing grid stress. It achieves this using artificial intelligence based optimization and control algorithms, while also ensuring that the requirements of EV drivers and the EV charger site hosts are met. MOEV’s software technology is capable of controlling both our own and third party manufacturers of charging stations. We have smartphone applications to control charging sessions, and cloud software to integrate data, control access, and manage load.

South 8 Technologies, Inc.

South 8 Technologies, Inc. has developed a breakthrough new Liquefied Gas Electrolyte chemistry for electrochemical energy storage devices including lithium batteries and electrochemical capacitors. Our patented technology enables a substantial increase in energy, improved safety, and an exceptionally wide operating temperature. Leveraging conventional materials and manufacturing, South 8 Technologies offers a unique solution for a variety of transportation, grid storage, and aerospace applications.

Antora Energy

Antora Energy is developing an ultra low-cost energy storage system based on storing heat in inexpensive materials and using a unique photovoltaic heat engine to convert stored thermal energy into electricity. This low-cost, long-lifetime approach enables utilities, independent power producers, and industrial customers to reliably store energy for long periods of time and replaces the need for diesel and gas generation to back-up variable renewables like wind and solar.

WattJoule Corporation

WattJoule has developed and is selling ElectriStor™, a next-generation vanadium redox flow battery platform that provides a 50% DC cost reduction. Our platform reduces the use of vanadium by 35% for the same storage capacity versus current vanadium solutions. Tank size is reduced by 50% and stack size is reduced by 80%. ElectriStor™ has unlimited charge/discharge cycles with no degradation over time. System efficiency and temperature range have also been significantly improved. ElectriStor™ is highly scalable and uses a safe water-based liquid storage medium. All these developments add up to highly competitive cost and performance metrics for the entire platform, thereby enabling the faster adoption of vanadium flow batteries for large energy storage plants. WattJoule has developed a number of key strategic customers and partnerships with a unique business model and IP portfolio. We offer platform licensing coupled with our ability to source core components, such as the electrolyte and stacks, in high volume working with our strategic supply partners. We seek additional customers, partners and investors that want to work with us in order to realize our vision of the large energy storage plant of the future … today.


Renewance is a leading provider of software solutions, consultancy and project management services to manage battery end of life liabilities for its customers in the stationary energy and e-mobility industries. Through our online battery recycling marketplace, Renewance Connect, we connect clients with end-of life batteries with logistics providers and battery recyclers who have the capability to recycle batteries in the most cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.

Coreshell Technologies, Inc.

Coreshell’s nanolayer coating technology will improve rechargeable battery technology by dramatically increasing cycling lifetime and decreasing the cost/kwh of energy storage so that coupling battery storage with renewable energy such as solar and wind will be cost competitive with baseline fossil fuel energy generation. This goal will be accomplished in two stages. The first stage is to increase the capacity of current lithium-ion battery chemistries to enable a 35% decrease in cost/kWh. The second stage is to enable next-generation materials like silicon anodes & high nickel cathodes which will have a 65+% improvement in cost/kWh.


NETenergy is a thermal energy storage company that reduces peak electric demand by offsetting peak cooling for commercial buildings. Cooling is the primary driver for high peak electricity prices and by keeping the energy stored thermally, it has minimal loss. Additionally it’s 60-75% less expensive than lithium-ion batteries for peak shaving purposes with minimal degredgation.
NETenergy’s unique material with the right freezing point (42 degrees F) and extremely high thermal conductivity (10x higher than ice/water) to create a thermal battery. NETenergy’s thermal battery is a component that will be integrated at the HVAC OEM factory to create a “Hybrid air conditioner”. The “Hybrid air conditioner” reduces peak demand, improves efficiency, improves cooling performance, reduces carbon emissions and provides a 3-year payback to building owners.


“The Speed Networking session at ESNA was easily the most valuable aspect of the conference. It was incredibly well organized, connected me with great investors that have led to solid follow-ups, and was run very efficiently. I would highly recommend it for any startup that wants to meet investors!”

James Larson, CEO of e-Zn Inc
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