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#isnaesna22 Theater

There were three theater stages inside the #isnaesna22 exhibit hall: Innovation and Application Stage, Energy Storage Stage, and Partner & Startup Stage. Each stage offered bite-sized presentations providing industry insights, case studies, and more from leading clean energy brands.

Innovation & Application Stage

Presentations by:

  • JobNimbus: Technology’s Role in Generating Faster Revenue
  • Polar Power Inc.
  • SENSEHAWK Inc.: An App for Your Solar Site: Helping Construction and O&M Teams Deliver Higher ROI
  • AEROCOMPACT: Unique and Modular Racking Design for All Metal Roof Types
  • RatedPower: Digitalization in the Project Phase as the Driver of LCOE Reduction: 5 Keys to Know How
  • Solar Data Pros: How Solar Monitoring Software Elevates Your Solar Business
  • Aeroseal: Solar Success: How Duct Sealing Protects Margins & Improves Performance
  • S-5!: Rail-Less Solar on Metal Roofs: Wire Management & Best Practices
  • Bird Control Group
  • Deviceroy: Future of Solar: Recurring Revenue with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Raptor Maps:
  • Plug Power: Scaling Green Hydrogen to Gigawatts: Trends & Obstacles in Leveraging Renewable Energy
  • Veritone: Overcoming Merchant Energy Storage Risks With AI
  • Nucor Steel: Innovated Solar Foundation Solutions: Nucor Solar Pile
  • Nucor Steel: Innovative Solar Structures, PowerShingle
  • Suncast Media: SunCast Live Podcast on Innovations in Storage
  • Groundbreakers LA
  • Scale Microgrid Solutions

Energy Storage Stage

Presentations by:

  • NH Research: Advanced Grid Simulation for Testing EVs, Solar Inverters and Grid-Tied Systems
  • Kore Power, Inc.: Securing a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Ascend Analytics
  • Leclanché SA: Leclanché Energy Storage Solution – LeBlock™
  • Victron Energy: What is in the Name Inverter?
  • Li-ion Tamer: Advanced Detection for Increased Safety in Stationary Energy Storage Systems
  • Waaree
  • TRUMPF Huettinger Inc.
  • Yotta Energy
  • Mitsubishi Power: Hydrogen: A Path to Resource Adequacy and Net Zero Carbon
  • Fortress Power: New Battery Design Metrics for 2022
  • Cougar Creek Technologies
  • Burns & McDonnell
  • Trimark Associates, Inc.: Trimark Dispatchable Energy Controller using MESA-DER
  • Energy Vault
  • SimpliPhi Power: The Importance of UL 9540A Fire Safety Testing for Energy Storage Systems

Partner & Startup Stage

Presentations by:

  • SEI: Thermography and PV System O&M
  • NABCEP: The Value of NABCEP Board Certifications
  • SEI: 2020 NEC® Changes Affecting PV and Energy Storage System (plus a 2023 sneak peek!)
  • Mayfield Renewables: Ask Mayfield Anything: Leveraging Third-Party Expertise to Speed Solar-Plus-Storage Business Growth
  • SEI: A Look at Lithium-ion Battery Types and Considerations
  • Gate Corporation USA
  • Powerfield Energy: PowerRack: The World’s Simplest Ground Mount Racking Solution
  • Solar Informatics: IT and the Clean Energy Transition: How to Streamline Your Solar Projects
  • Ageto, LLC: How can Controls Amplify the Value of Energy Storage?
  • Asoleyo: Pretty PV: Aesthetic Design Principles for Solar Installation
  • Civ Robotics: Autonomous Layout Robots for Solar Farms
  • Aeroseal: Solar Success: How Duct Sealing Protects Margins & Improves Performance
  • Sun-o-vision: Create a profitable service team with Active Monitoring
  • QD Solar: Next-gen PV – Full-Spectrum Solar with Perovskites and Quantum Dots
  • Megger
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