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November 5, 2019
November 6, 2019
November 7, 2019
July 14, 2021
July 15, 2021
January 12, 2022
January 13, 2022
September 30, 2022
January 13, 2022
January 14, 2022

SDG&E Escondido Battery Facility – SOLD OUT!

One of the largest lithium-ion battery facilities in the world. Energy storage plays a key role in SDG&E's commitment to delivering clean, safe and reliable energy. Our Escondido battery site...

SDG&E Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) Battery – SOLD OUT!

SDG&E is a leader in developing cutting-edge innovations in microgrids, energy storage and new technologies. The VRF is a four-year demonstration project in coordination with Sumitomo Electric, Japan's New Energy...

PXiSE Energy Solutions High-Rise Microgrid – SOLD OUT!

Just a short walk from the San Diego Convention Center, join PXiSE Energy Solutions for a tour of their downtown, high-rise microgrid at Sempra Headquarters. Learn how solar, storage, and...

University of California San Diego- An Energy Storage Innovation Hub

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) is the daily home and workplace for over 50,000 students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Located on over 2,000 acres adjacent to Pacific Ocean,...

Nuvve at UCSD — Showcasing the Real-World Benefits of VGI (Vehicle-Grid Integration)

Join Nuvve, the global leader in vehicle-grid integration (VGI) solutions, to tour the INVENT Project site at UCSD. You'll see how electric vehicles (EVs) charging on Nuvve's VGI platform are...

ENGIE Storage’s Schools and Suds Tour

Poway is San Diego's 3rd largest school district. In 2017 Poway installed a 6 MWh ENGIE Storage GridSynergy system distributed over 12 campuses. Attendees will visit Poway's Del Norte High...

Thermal Storage Two Ways

Join us for a tour of how thermal energy storage is being deployed in two ways: to reduce energy costs for building cooling loads and to reduce costs for refrigeration....

Alumina Energy

Alumina Energy, founded 2015, is developing and commercializing innovative packed bed thermal energy storage solutions for heat and electric storage and generation applications. Our technology leverages low-cost and recycled ceramics...


MOEV Inc. was born out of UCLA's Smart Grid Energy Research Center by a team convinced to commercialize the technology developed to solve future grid challenges, while creating a comprehensive...

South 8 Technologies, Inc.

South 8 Technologies, Inc. has developed a breakthrough new Liquefied Gas Electrolyte chemistry for electrochemical energy storage devices including lithium batteries and electrochemical capacitors. Our patented technology enables a substantial...

Antora Energy

Antora Energy is developing an ultra low-cost energy storage system based on storing heat in inexpensive materials and using a unique photovoltaic heat engine to convert stored thermal energy into...

Energy Storage 101

Energy storage can be a highly technical, often confusing industry filled with inconsistent terminology and misleading metrics. Our most popular workshop teaches you how to make sense of it all...

Energy Storage 201 & US Market Update – SOLD OUT!

This pre-conference workshop is a follow-on to the Energy Storage 101 workshop and assumes a basic understanding of the wholesale market design. During this pre-conference workshop, get insights into the...

Electric Power Industry Trends and the Growing Role for Energy Storage – SOLD OUT!

This engaging and interactive workshop will bring participants up to speed on the mega-trends driving energy storage market growth in the US. Topics will include: the rapid growth and market...


NeoCharge is an early-stage smart electric vehicle charging company whose mission is to eliminate barriers to electric vehicle adoption by providing convenient, easy, and affordable home charging access. Their flagship...

ESNA Welcome Remarks & Joint ESNA-CGBEC Keynotes

Dr. Falk Bomeke, Director on Bilateral Energy Cooperation, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Mr. David Hochschild, Chair, California Energy Commission
Dr. Falk Bomeke
David Hochschild

Joint ESNA-CGBEC Networking Reception

Following the Welcome General Session with featured energy storage-related keynotes from the co-located California-Germany Bilateral Energy Conference (CGBEC), join energy storage colleagues from around the world for a networking and...

Networking Breakfast sponsored by Savion, LLC

Continental Breakfast for ESNA Conference Attendees in Keynote Theater. Sponsored by Savion

Keynote: Malta: A Hot (and Cold) New Approach to Long Duration Energy Storage

This keynote session will feature a joint presentation from Raj Apte, principal engineer at X, Alphabet's moonshot factory and Ramya Swaminathan, CEO of Malta Inc. Raj and Ramya will discuss...
Raj Apte
Raj Apte

Coffee Break sponsored by Siemens Gamesa

Coffee Break in Expo Hal sponsored by Siemens Gamesal: Visit our exhibitors and network with attendees

Hybrid Energy Systems: Storage Provides Value

More cities, states and utilities are setting 100% clean or renewable energy targets as stakeholders recognize the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, and as renewable resources and energy storage...

Decarbonizing the Power Sector and Maintaining Reliability: Solutions for Multi-Day and Seasonal Storage

Renewable energy is now the lowest marginal-cost source of electricity in many countries globally. Reliability at very high renewable penetration levels will require multi-day and seasonal energy storage solutions to...

Resilient Microgrids: From Mountains to Islands

Never has the world had such a need for resilient microgrids. Moderated by Stephanie Simons of the Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO) and representing the needs of island nations, this...

Optimizing Energy Storage in Complex DER Systems: Austin Energy Case Study

The era of energy storage is upon utilities -- and learning to manage it securely, efficiently and in a way that optimizes both the business case and operational excellence are...

Bulk Storage: Getting to Deployment

Major innovations are happening in bulk storage, an energy storage class which is necessary to support the transition to 100% clean energy. However, many roadblocks persist to financing and developing...

Energy Storage: Where Power & Transportation Meet

Along with power, transportation is one of the most carbon intensive sectors on the planet. Grid innovation and design cannot be decoupled from the growth of transportation electrification. This session...

Global Grid Transformation VIP Luncheon

This invitation-only VIP luncheon is an opportunity for global policy makers to connect and network over a plated lunch. ?

Lunch in Expo Hall and Market Updates

Enjoy additional networking in the expo hall where lunch is available. Enjoy Market Updates on the ESNA Expo Stage: 12:00 p.m. - 12:20 p.m. - China Market Update presented by...

Making the Most of Innovative Financing Strategies & Opportunities

This session will feature case studies of innovating funding strategies for large stand-alone, utility scale energy storage as well as solar+storage projects by experts from Orrick, Javelin Capital and Savion...

Rebuilding in the Wake of Disaster

Natural disasters are becoming more common and more destructive. Energy storage and other enabling distributed energy resources and smart solutions can mitigate their occurrence and help consumers deal with wildfire...

Making the Case for Long Duration Storage

High penetrations of renewable energy will require energy storage for many durations, but at what percentage clean energy will long duration storage be required, and how long is long duration?...

Starting from Scratch: How PSE&G developed the Clean Energy Future Energy Storage Program

In September of 2018, PSE&G filed its Clean Energy Future (CEF) program at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. One component of the CEF program was a 35MW Energy...

Competing for the Battery: The Future of Lithium for Stationary Storage

The presentation by IHS Market's energy storage lead researcher will address the supply and demand dynamics of Li-ion batteries and the future trajectory of various end-markets and evaluate the different...

Thermal Fleet Retirement & Replacement

As gas peakers in California and coal plants in Germany are closed, companies will be left with stranded assets on the balance sheet. This session will seek solutions and lessons...

Utility Dessert Reception sponsored by National Grid

Utility and ISO employees are invited to discuss the challenges and opportunities of storage at an exclusive dessert reception with delicious treats.

Keynote: Enabling the Clean Energy Transition through Hybrid Solutions

The electricity industry is facing new challenges that have not been seen in 100 years. We will discuss what hybrid solutions are and how they can enable a reliable, affordable...
Prakash Chandra

Keynote: How LADWP is Addressing LA’s Green New Deal with Energy Storage

Join the General Manager of LADWP for an inspirational keynote talk about the role of energy storage in meeting LA's New Green Deal. LADWP is committed to the goal of...
Martin Adams
Martin Adams

ESNA Beach Party sponsored by KORE Power

Celebrate a year of record energy storage installations & procurements on a private beach with games, caribbean steel drum music, dinner and drinks at the beautiful Kona Kai Resort in...

After-Party hosted by the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA)

CESA will host the official Energy Storage North America After-Party. Following the ESNA Beach Party, ESNA will provide transportation to the Salt & Whiskey in the popular San Diego Gaslamp...

Safety Day Networking Breakfast sponsored by UL

Safety Day Continental Breakfast for ESNA Conference Attendees in Keynote Theater. Sponsored by UL.

Keynote: A View from New York: Tackling 3,000 MW

President and CEO of NYSERDA will discuss how New York arrived at its ambitious 3,000 MW energy storage targets, progress to date in the state and the challenges and opportunities...
Alicia Barton

Keynote: Managing Safety in a Fast-Changing Technology Landscape

Safety Day at ESNA gets kicked off with a frank and provocative discussion of one of the most critical challenges facing our industry: ensuring the safety of energy storage systems...
Logan Goldie-Scot
Ted Miller
Brad Albert
John Z
John Zahurancik

Energy Storage Safety: Standards, Programs, Updates, and Best Practices

This session will focus on the current status of related safety standards affecting the ESS industry, as well as programs and updates that utility energy storage leaders are implementing.

Adding Value to Solar Projects with Storage

This session, developed and moderated by the experts at pv magazine, addresses the how PV developers can best navigate the combination of PV and storage. This combination promises additional revenue...
Adam Gerza

Role of the Utility in Developing DC Fast Charge EV Infrastructure

This session will examine the role the utility can play in building out North America's electric vehicle (EV) fast charge system, and how energy storage is helping.

DERMS, Microgrids, and the Future of Grid Management

Today's power grid has evolved to encompass an increasingly diverse mix of energy resources with thousands of solar, battery storage, and EV assets. These changes and the acceleration of policy...

Innovations in Battery Storage Safety: Duke Case Study

This session will discuss the Duke Energy approach to safe deployment of battery storage. Duke Energy operates a microgrid test bed at their emerging technology center which includes a 250kWh...

ESS Project Development: What Can Go Wrong (and How to Avoid It!)

Energy storage systems are still relatively novel, and many developers are concerned about risks associated with installing energy storage projects. Hosted by Munich Re, one of the world's leading re-insurance...

Women in Energy Storage Luncheon

The Women in Energy Storage Luncheon will celebrate the vision, tenacity, and leadership of women in the energy storage industry and facilitate a network of influential storage professionals. Women and...

Lunch in Expo Hall

Enjoy additional networking in the expo hall where lunch is available.

Rethinking Emergency Power for Under-Resourced Communities: Affordable Housing Resiliency Microgrids

Even as utilities are modernizing energy grids to provide the most reliable service in history, natural disasters and other emergencies impact grid stability with increasing frequency. Under-resourced communities and low-income...

Navigating to the Future Electric Grid

For much of the last century the electric sector has operated in a fairly stable and slow-moving context where incremental change was adequate to the challenges faced. Indeed, most of...

Optimizing Solar & Storage Deployment with EV Charging

With tax credits and rebates declining, and the Time of Use Rate tariffs shifting to an evening peak, ever more attention must be paid to reduce costs and maximize the...

Innovative Utility Programs for Behind the Meter

This session will explore innovative and successful utility programs from across the country for increasing the value and penetration of behind the meter energy storage with the aim of inspiring...

Tools for Solving Complex Challenges

Experts will share tools and frameworks that can increase the profitability and success of energy storage deployments, from planning the location of its utility-scale energy storage deployments to demystifying the...

Suppliers are from Mars, Developers are from Venus

Join a lively audience-focused discussion with the panel of developers. This session will seek to uncover what developers want and need from suppliers to safely and reliably transform the power...

Keynote Address: Electrifying America’s Energy Future

The 2021 Digital Summit will kick off with keynotes from leading industry experts. More information coming soon.
Anne Hoskins

The New Wave: Solar + Storage Replacing Fossil

In this session, participants will learn about the market and policy/regulatory factors that go into the decision to replace fossil power plants with solar + storage, highlighting cases studies from...
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Claudia Morrow
Commissioner Joseph M. Maestas
William Acker
Erin Childs

Value of Solar: US Roadtrip

This session will feature ISO and market experts to discuss industry developments in the utility-scale solar sector at a time of enormous industry growth, presenting high-quality data and analysis of...
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Jordan Bakke
Casey Cathey, PE
Joachim Seel
Rich Heidorn Jr.

Networking Room: Large Scale BESS Safety and Permitting

Sponsored and moderated by Borrego Solar, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your peers in this this interactive, topic-focused networking room. Ensuring systems are safe and adequately understood is...
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Kyle Cerniglia

Networking Room: Bidding Tools + Sales and Design Software

Sponsored and moderated by DroneDeploy, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your peers in this this interactive, topic-focused networking room. This session will focus on leveraging drone software for...
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Katie O’Leary

Networking Room: Southeast Region Updates

Sponsored and moderated by pv magazine, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your peers in this this interactive, topic-focused networking room.
Tim Sylvia

Storage on Wheels: Leveraging EV Value for Grid Services

Join vehicle electrification experts as they present on how to unlock the billions of dollars of untapped value that could be created through Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI). The session will highlight...
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Ed Pike
David McCreadie
Ed Burgess
Jacqueline Piero

Sophisticated Financing for Utility Scale Solar

The rules for solar project development are changing. Financial innovation is becoming as critical as technical innovation. More than ever, solar developers have to understand the deep nuances of the...
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John Cook
Brian Callaway
Sheldon Kimber

Long Duration Energy Storage: Market Challenges and Opportunities

Long Duration Energy Storage technologies will likely require different value streams that are focused on the resiliency and capacity value that they provide to increasingly renewably powered grids. In this...
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Debbie Mursch
Max Tuttman
Laura Nelson
Laura Nelson
Javier Cavada

Solar for All: Designing Policies and Programs for Equity

Customer access and ownership of solar and other DERs has predominantly proliferated among wealthy, single-family households, creating concerns around equity issues for clean energy. This session will introduce impactful initiatives...
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Kristal Hansley
Erica Mackie
Kajsa Hendrickson
Melanie Santiago-Mosier

Keynote Address: Utility Leadership in Clean Energy: How Portland General Electric is Forging the Way

As the leader of Oregon’s largest electric utility and a vocal advocate for rapid decarbonization, Maria Pope will speak to her vision and plan for Portland General Electric (PGN) to...
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Maria Pope

Keynote Address: Financing to Grid-Scale Energy Storage

Day Two of the 2021 Digital Summit will begin with keynotes from leading industry experts. More information coming soon.
Jigar Shah

Standalone Storage: Challenges and Opportunities

It is common nowadays for energy storage to be connected to the grid as a “hybrid project” – or alongside of another renewable generation project. However, standalone energy storage systems...
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Stephen Wemple
Kate McGinnis
Justin Amirault

DER Networks and Cybersecurity: Coming To Your State In 2022

Cyber security is quickly becoming one of the biggest concerns for energy system operators. This session would discuss the impacts, challenges, and efficacy of the U.S. national standard, IEEE 1547...
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David Erhart
Dr. Shamina Hossain-McKenzie
Robby Simpson
Tom Tansy

Networking Room: Contracts

Sponsored and moderated by North America Clean Energy, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your peers in this this interactive, topic-focused networking room. Learn the latest trends in creating...
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Meg Lugaric

Networking Room: Microgrids for Resilience

Sponsored and moderated by CleanSpark, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your peers in this this interactive, topic-focused networking room. In an increasingly distributed system, microgrids will be critical...
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Amanda Kabak

Networking Room: Bifacial Solar Module Technology in the C&I Space

Sponsored and moderated by LONGi, connect with your peers during this interactive, topic-focused networking session. Topic Description: Bifacial PV modules are fast becoming the bankable technology of choice for large...
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Aaron Thurlow

Valuing Resilience

The US energy system has three main workhorses: (1) the electric grid, (2) the natural gas network, and (3) gasoline and diesel fueling stations. When the electric grid fails, the...
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Allie Detrio
Andrew Okabe
Mark Dyson
Diane Fellman

Impact of Solar-Ready Mandates on New Building Design and Construction

Cities, counties and states are enacting regulations and building codes mandating the installation of solar PV or solar-ready design on new building construction, resulting in accelerated growth of rooftop solar....
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William Allen
Paul Zacher SE, SECB, MLSE
Pete Jackson
Mark C. Gies

Utility Leadership in Energy Storage

This session will feature representatives from utilities across the country who are leading the transition to an electric grid with higher penetration of storage resources. It will discuss how these...
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Lindsay Saxby
Gus Flores
Fouad Dagher, P.E.
Alex Morris

Community Solar: Coming to Your Neighborhood

With over 2.8 GW of community installed through 2020 and an additional 3.6 GW more expected through 2025, community solar is providing clean energy and savings to hundreds of thousands...
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Laura Stern
Steph Speirs
Sandhya Murali
Kaitlin Kelly O’Neil
Salar Naini

NABCEP Technical Training

The Installer-Contractor Continuing Ed Technical Workshops provide an in-depth look at 4 different renewable energy products. NABCEP Board Certified Professionals will advance their professional development and earn CEUs pre-approved to...
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Rudy Saporite
Milton Nogueira
Mark Mays
Steve Higgins

Energy Storage, PV and the NEC

Join NEC experts and earn 6 NABCEP credits for a technical, full day workshop where you can brush up on your energy storage, PV, electric vehicle interconnection, and NEC knowledge...
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Bill Brooks
Sean White

NFPA 855 and Fire Codes for ESS

This three-hour course covers the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 855 and UL9540 standards as they relate to ESS design and installation considerations, as well as their intersection with the...
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Justine Sanchez

Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES): Due Diligence for Grid Planning & Product Development

The electric grid is undergoing a historic transformation with increasing decarbonization goals prompting high penetrations of renewable energy, retirement of traditional fossil fuel assets, and support for wide-spread electrification.   As...
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Sarah Busch
Matt McDonnell
Gigio Sakota
Hugh McDermott
Gabe Murtaugh
Ed Burgess
Maria Roumpani
Erin Childs

*NABCEP Certified* Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for PV Systems

As more and more PV systems come online and those installed continue to age, the operations and maintenance (O&M) field is rapidly growing. This course is geared towards training PV...
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Marshall Brunson
Brian Mehalic

State of the Evolving Market for Storage & Hybrid Projects

Although we are still in the early days of our energy transition, the landscape of energy storage and hybrid (solar + storage) projects is rapidly evolving and is already changing...
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Joel Berger
John Fernandes
Mike Berlinski
Tony Abate

Think Beyond the Grid! How Green Hydrogen Will Open Vast New Market Opportunities for Solar: Fundamentals, Applications & the Evolution of Green Hydrogen Hubs

Green hydrogen is a promising and exciting area in the clean energy world and represents a major growth opportunity for solar energy deployment. Green hydrogen, a gas that can be...
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Janice Lin
Janice Lin

KEYNOTE: Grid Resilience in the Face of Extreme Weather Events

With the increasing frequency of extreme weather conditions, there is an urgent need to integrate resiliency solutions on the grid to ensure consumers and businesses have continuous access to electricity....
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Surya Panditi

Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) – Strategies for Widespread Dissemination

Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) is increasingly being recognized for the huge value proposition and range of potential benefits it can offer – from enhancing grid reliability services, electrifying transportation and the...
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Russell Vare
Matt McDonnell
Marc Monbouquette
David McCreadie

Community Options for Storage: Creating Locally-Sourced Power For Peak Needs

This session will feature two case studies from California and New York City that evaluate how two very different communities are addressing community resiliency through the creation of locally-sourced power...
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Aric Saunders
Josh Hotvet
Erin Childs

Lessons Learned From Storage Performance During Summer 2021

California is considered a global leader for showcasing how standalone and hybrid storage can effectively operate in the energy market. In the summer of 2021, a record breaking 1800 MW...
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Gabe Murtaugh
Alex Morris

Automation & Digitalization in Solar O&M

Global cumulative solar PV installations are expected to grow to 1,243 GWdc by 2024. While demand has been strong, power purchase prices across the globe have been dropping considerably in...
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Feng Zhang

Technology’s Role in Generating Faster Revenue: JobNimbus

See how JobNimbus can help increase your revenue at a much faster pace with our high-end integrations, mobile app, and automations. Learn how to simply manage installations, financing and permitting...
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Steven Hales

Advanced Grid Simulation for Testing EVs, Solar Inverters and Grid-Tied Systems: NH Research

Electrification and new energy deployments are accelerating. The ability to simulate and validate the stability of the grid system is critical for reliable and safe infrastructure. In this session, we’ll...
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Brian Hsu

Thermography and PV System O&M: SEI

Both handheld and aerial thermography play large roles in PV system operations and maintenance (O&M), including preventative and reactive applications. So much can be easily – and quickly – learned...
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Securing a Sustainable Supply Chain: Kore Power, Inc.

We have immense opportunities to build a truly sustainable industry within the United States and the greater bounds of North America. To expand the US industry, we need to take...
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Lindsay Gorrill

The Value of NABCEP Board Certifications: NABCEP

This presentation will provide a broad overview of NABCEP’s Board Certification programs, how they are developed, and the value that they provide. NABCEP staff will discuss how its Board Certifications...
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Shawn O’ Brien

An App for Your Solar Site: Helping Construction and O&M Teams Deliver Higher ROI: SenseHawk

Solar sites are growing larger, and the number of installations is increasing. Managing a large fleet is becoming increasingly difficult; not just for asset owners, EPCs and O&M companies, but...
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Swarup Mavanoor

Open Networking Hour

Utilize our event platform Grip to connect with your peers and do business during this open networking hour.

Unique and Modular Racking Design for All Metal Roof Types: AEROCOMPACT

Metal roofs are a great opportunity for commercial solar installations, but can be technically challenging. AEROCOMPACT’s CompactMetal systems are lightweight, stable, and intelligently designed. Providing more configurations with fewer parts,...
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Nils Wollenberg

Leclanché Energy Storage Solution – LeBlock™

Leclanche’s optimized Lithium battery storage solution, to meet the latest industry safety requirements. The solution includes the complete modular enclosures, batteries, electrical interconnections, thermal management system, safety features, and software...
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Viorel Moga

2020 NEC® Changes Affecting PV and Energy Storage System (plus a 2023 sneak peek!): SEI

Join a voting member of Code Making Panel 4 for a discussion of changes in the 2020 NEC® and a sneak peek at the upcoming 2023 edition. Regardless of the...
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Digitalization in the project phase as the driver of LCOE reduction: 5 Keys to know how: RatedPower

More than ⅔ of the costs of a PV project are soft activities like design and engineering. pvDesign has reportedly reduced by 5% the LCOE of solar plants designed with...
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Natalia Opie Dávila

The Conservative Case for Clean Energy

While the political climate in America remains divided on nearly every issue, surprising gains are being made among conservative voters and organizations in shifting attitudes towards clean energy solutions. As...
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Scyller Borglum
Alex Fitzsimmons
Devin Hartman
Landon Stevens

Where will FERC Order 2222 Make an Impact for Storage?

Building on FERC Order 841, Order 2222 promises to open up additional opportunities for distributed energy resources (DERs) including distributed energy storage in wholesale electric markets operated by RTOs/ISOs. However,...
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Jacqueline DeRosa
Harris R. Eisenhardt
Mike Berlinski
Jin Noh

Successfully Modeling Grid-Scale Energy Storage in IRPs

Grid scale energy storage resources are increasingly showing up in utility Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) processes, and being deployed across the country on the transmission grid. Due to the unique...
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Jay Luther Lim
Sarah Kurtz
Norm Richardson
Maria Roumpani

Ask Mayfield Anything: Leveraging Third-Party Expertise to Speed Solar-Plus-Storage Business Growth: Mayfield Renewables

In addition to business strategy and positioning decisions, most EPCs and solar-plus-storage businesses run into common issues that may include design and engineering capacity, sales and marketing collateral creation, and...
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Joe Schwartz
Ryan Mayfield
Justine Sanchez

Community Solar: Market Growth Opportunities & Models That Deliver Low-Income Development & Community Engagement

Community Solar Panel: With 2,826 MWdc of community solar projects installed through 2020, community solar is one of the fastest growing industry segments. Furthermore, community solar and other DG markets...
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Glenn Weinberg
Daniela Pangallo
Daniela Pangallo
Charlie Coggesghall
Charlie Coggeshall

How Solar Monitoring Software Elevates Your Solar Business: Solar Data Pros, Inc.

A presentation of the Know True-Up(TM) energy monitoring software. This tool enables solar contractors to better manage their fleet of installed systems and helps solar consumers better understand how the...
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Christopher Moran

What Is In the Name Inverter?: Victron Energy

This session will reflect on considerations in choosing an inverter, and the pros and cons with different inverter circuit topologies.
Alan Santos-Buch

The Long and Short of It: Energy Storage for Days

Energy storage of all types will be a key enabler of a fully decarbonized electric grid. While shorter-duration storage now supports today’s level of renewable energy generation, longer-duration storage technologies...
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Julian Spector
Marco Ferrara
Carrie Bellamy
Hugh McDermott

Building a Distributed and Equitable Energy Future

Presented by PV Magazine Addressing the threat posed by climate change means using massive amounts of clean energy resources like solar to both decarbonize and electrify the economy. While projects...
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Lindsay Gorrill

PV After Installation – O&M, Failures, and Recycling

With power output warranties of 20-30 years, it is easy to believe that our work is over once a PV system is installed. However, our industry needs to take a...
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Sam Vanderhoof
Jason Feng
Matthew G Herman
Brian Mehalic

A Look at Lithium-ion Battery Types and Considerations: SEI

Lithium-ion battery technologies are advancing rapidly as their cost is dropping almost as quickly. In this presentation we’ll review some of the common factors that need to be considered when...
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Rail-Less Solar on Metal Roofs: Wire Management & Best Practices: S-5!

As solar mounting technologies evolve to improve installation efficiencies and reduce material and labor costs, some developers and installers on the job site often find it daunting to keep abreast...
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Mark Gies

What the Fire Service Wants you to Know About Your Batteries: Energy Safety Response Group

In this session, ESRG will discuss energy storage safety from the perspective of public safety. The session will include points such as why the fire service isn’t impressed by your...
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Nick Warner

Solar + Storage Microgrids: Applications for Electric Transit, Rural Utility Service Models, & Low-Income Community Resiliency

Jurisdictions across the country are deploying and installing microgrids for their clean energy, economic, resiliency and flexibility benefits. This session will feature three different microgrid case studies across the country,...
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Tom Cheyney
Steven W. Pullins
Bennett Chabot
Angelo Campus
Sequoya Cross

Future of Solar: Recurring Revenue with the Internet of Things (IoT): Deviceroy

Solar + Storage is hot, but recurring revenue is the value multiplier that big companies have quietly jumped on, and they automate it with recurring data. Get caught up on...
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The Green Hydrogen Port Opportunity: Decarbonization & Improving Community Health

Green hydrogen is a promising and exciting area in the clean energy world and represents vast opportunities in solar energy collaboration, long-duration energy storage, multi-sectorial decarbonization, and addressing societal problems...
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Madeline Rose
Scott Schoenfeld
Janice Lin
Janice Lin

PowerRack: The World’s Simplest Ground Mount Racking Solution: Powerfield Energy

PowerField Energy offers the PowerRack ground mount solar PV racking. Revolutionarily simple, this ballasted ground mount rack drastically reduces costs and installation time.
Patrick Fleming

Scaling Green Hydrogen to Gigawatts: Trends & Obstacles in Leveraging Renewable Energy: Plug Power

State of the market overview on how PEM electrolysis solutions are scaling up to take advantage of low-cost green electrons to serve high-volume hydrogen users with low-carbon molecules, while providing...
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Cyrus Tingley

Hydrogen: A Path to Resource Adequacy and Net Zero Carbon: Mitsubishi Power

The effort to decarbonize our power grid has been underway for several years as evidenced by the massive deployment of wind and solar resources. As we add more intermittent renewable...
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Peter Sawicki

IT and the Clean Energy Transition: How to Streamline Your Solar Projects: Solar Informatics

Information technology touches almost every aspect of our daily lives, yet its adoption is running late in the solar industry. Today, the sheer amount of data that is involved in...
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Amber Naqvi

Overcoming Merchant Energy Storage Risks With AI: Veritone

With FERC 2222 approaching the deadline, allowing any DER owner (1 – 10,000 kW) to participate in the wholesale energy market, DER owners are looking for ways to enhance their...
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Sean McEvoy

New Battery Design Metrics for 2022: Fortress Power

Lithium batteries are fundamentally changing residential and commercial solar projects. Come learn new methods for sizing battery banks based on limited site information. This presentation is perfect for solar sales,...
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How Can Controls Amplify the Value of Energy Storage?: Ageto Energy

This talk will break down the advanced control methods used to operate energy storage with other resources in a microgrid to meet the goals of a project. It will also...
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Mike Murray

De-risking mega-projects through data-driven solar and storage procurement, construction and operations

The number of U.S. solar+storage projects more than doubled from 2016 to present and the EIA expects this trend to continue –before long, every PV power plant will include energy...
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Harnessing the Potential of Energy Storage to Capture Value with Evolving Price Signals: NEM-3, Daily Demand Charges, Real Time Pricing

To support the increasing penetration of renewable generation and increase resilience to extreme weather events, utilities and regulators are driving a variety of new programs and price signals. These include...
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Brian Ballek
Adam Gerza

Innovative Solar Structures, PowerShingle: Nucor Steel

Join us Friday at 1:50pm as we explore PowerShingle – Nucor’s innovative new solar structure technology that is 100% American-made. PowerShingle’s dual-sided, water-shedding panel technology requires no sub roof to...
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Eva Malcom

Autonomous Layout Robots for Solar Farms: Civ Robotics

Renewable energy projects are becoming bigger and more complex while construction methods aren’t changing fast enough. Civ Robotics is a construction tech startup that is helping EPC’s and developers to...
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Tom Yeshurun

Solar Hybrid Systems incorporating Natural Gas or LPG for on and off grid applications

To increase the use of Solar Energy the Industry needs to expand its markets / applications by incorporating new technologies solving the problems energy storage cost, maximizing the use of...
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Arthur Sams

Solar Success: How Duct Sealing Protects Margins & Improves Performance: Aeroseal

As solar energy’s popularity and affordability keep increasing, so does competition among installation contractors. Join Jarrod Scott, National Director at Aeroseal, to learn how sealing HVAC ducts as part of...
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Jarrod Scott

Trimark Dispatchable Energy Controller using MESA-DER: Trimark Associates

Trimark is addressing the intermittency of renewable energy sources by creating a ground-breaking Dispatchable Energy Controller that implements the MESA-DER specification. Trimark’s DEC allows a PV/Wind + Storage to serve...
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Bora Akyol, PH.D

Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing (IRT) for PV Systems

Performing insulation resistance testing on the conductors installed in PV systems is an important step in system commissioning and O&M. In this session, 130-year-old leader in electrical testing equipment manufacturer,...
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Michael Palmer
Ryan Mayfield

SunCast Live Podcast on Innovations in Storage: Suncast Media

Join Nico Johnson in a live interview for the industry’s top podcast – SunCast. Nico will be interviewing the CEO of Yotta Energy about the dawn of Rooftop storage for...
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Create a Profitable Service Team with Active Monitoring: Sun-o-vision

Tired of doing service work that doesn’t pay enough? Does your installed fleet have systems that aren’t producing well and no one knows it? Here’s the road map to making...
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Joey Dorwart Crane

The Importance of UL 9540A Fire Safety Testing for Energy Storage Systems: SimpliPhi Power

Learn more about the stringent UL 9540A fire safety testing for energy storage systems and how these test results are being used by fire departments and AHJs from a code,...
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Troy Daniels
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