August 8 - 10, 2017

San Diego, California

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Speaker Bio

Greg Miller

Executive Vice President, Market Development and Sales

ICE Energy

Greg Miller serves as Ice Energy’s Executive Vice President of Market Development and Sales. Greg started with Ice Energy in 2004, leading project development with utilities, commercial, and industrial customers. Greg and his team have pioneered the development of megawatt scale distributed energy storage projects, starting in California but now across the country and around the world. Prior to joining Ice Energy, Greg served as the Vice President of Sales for Encorp, Inc. Encorp is a technology company that developed and trade marked the Virtual Power Plant® concept networking customer owned generation assets to avoid peak energy consumption of utilities and end customers. During Greg’s tenure he created new business opportunities, established strategic partnerships that led to technology integration and new product offerings, and opened sales offices hiring staff domestically and in Mexico that led to Encorp tripling sales revenues annually four consecutive years. Greg’s business development and sales results supported Encorp raising $45 million in venture capital during his tenure. Greg began his career at the early age of 14 accepting an 8-year summer recruit program with Woodward Governor in 1978. After completing the recruit program and securing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at DeVry University, Greg was offered professional employment with Woodward serving in many positions including field engineer, test engineer, project management, technical sales, and product development. Greg credits 19 years of services at Woodward as the foundation for his passion for power generation systems, propulsion, compressed natural gas vehicular control, local and remote automation and communications and is proud of his emphasis on business ethics. Greg’s initial positions inspired him to follow a career that has combined environmental consciousness with energy technologies that focus on betterment of utility and end customer energy usage.