August 8 - 10, 2017

San Diego, California

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Speaker Bio

Rody Jonas


Pure Power Solutions

Rody Jonas, a Healdsburg and Sonoma County native, founded Pure Power Solutions in 1994 after having graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara in Physics. His passion for solar and sustainable energy technologies was already apparent in High School with solar thermal science projects followed by wind energy classes and projects while at UCSB. Shortly after graduation Rody took the plunge, moved off-grid and started Pure Power. For over a decade Rody has not only designed, but built and provided operational support on multitudes of off-grid, battery based systems of various sizes. As the industry grew, Pure Power Solutions evolved along with it. Through the following years Rody has continued to analyze, design and install a wide variety of solar and storage based systems. Pure Power's typical solar project spectrum includes residential, commercial and agricultural, both public and private, with and without energy storage. Today, still living off-grid, and a true believer in the renewable industry and the holy grail of an integrated and dynamic energy ecosystem, Rody is thrilled with the opportunities that lie ahead for the sustainable energy industry. Pure Power Solutions Pure Power Solutions is a full service, turnkey provider of solar and energy storage systems for residential and small commercial clients. With in-house analysis, design and construction every aspect of the project is handled with the utmost of care and applied technical expertise to ensure optimal outcomes for Pure Power Solution's Clients and partners.