August 8 - 10, 2017

San Diego, California

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Speaker Bio

Douglass Campbell

President and CEO

DC Systems

Douglass Campbell is CEO of DC Systems, a software company he founded in 1990. Doug is DC Systems’ chief strategist, solution architect and technical expert, widely respected for his extensive knowledge in real-time control systems, power system engineering, multi-vendor interoperability, and complex, scalable distributed systems. DC Systems provides software for utility-grade grid automation and real-time control and data management. Doug designed DC Systems’ original software with visionary concepts that enabled it to solve critical needs for some of the biggest customers and projects in the industry and to evolve to today’s Real-Time Smart Energy Suite. ‘RT|SES’ is a modular, configurable suite of software used by utilities, power producers, and large energy users to manage transmission, distribution, generation, energy storage, grid interconnection, real-time data communication gateways, and IT/OT solutions. The software suite has solved industry needs for over 25 years, enabling customers to choose any technology or vendor equipment for field, network or enterprise systems, while enjoying DC Systems’ efficient solutions for interoperability, optimized bandwidth, scalability, and business operation issues, from substations to control centers. The software supports grid modernization and application expansion using the same architectural concepts Doug pioneered long before today’s transformation of the grid and energy markets. Doug has been instrumental in developing innovative software for real-time control systems since the 1980s, as well as DC Systems’ newest vendor-agnostic, technology-agnostic control software for energy storage and Distributed Energy Resources - the Real-Time Distributed Energy Control System, ‘RT|DECS’. RT|DECS software provides market system interfaces, grid-level controls and Virtual Power Plant management for PG&E’s Battery Energy Storage System at Yerba Buena, a project nominated for ESNA’s 2015 Innovation award and Vaca-Dixon - the first and currently only resource participating in California’s CAISO Non-Generator Resource energy and frequency regulation markets.